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Random Photos

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Veterans Day Celebration 2015
Viewed 1111 times
Veterans Day Celebration 2015
Viewed 1181 times
Men's Choir 8/25/13
Viewed 2440 times
Our Pastor's former Pastor and wife
Viewed 2518 times
Preacher Billy's parents - Christine and Jackie
Viewed 2463 times
Special service at Christian Baptist - 12/9/12
Viewed 2610 times
Mabel and Nikki - Sweet sisters!
Viewed 3248 times
Lois and Sue
Viewed 3204 times
Fred and granddaughters - Father's Day 2011
Viewed 3899 times
Ms. Mabel practicing her song.
Viewed 3256 times
William and Peggy at the Dan'l Boone Inn
Viewed 3159 times
Preacher JT and Sue Byerly
Viewed 3870 times
Carroll and Sue
Viewed 4235 times
Jessica and Brother Don Smith
Viewed 4022 times
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